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Friday, March 5, 2010

Where Did the Time Go

So for those who follow, it's clear that I haven't been around as of late, nor have I been watching many movies. The Olympics, my friends. There's enough drama, war, comedy and cameos by Donald Sutherland and Michael J. Fox. Starting Monday, we will resume with updates from past movies and continue with the new. I look forward to the times to come and the movies to be watched and the time to be wasted, hopefully not too much though. I do have a life outside of this, at least for now.


LOUIS.C said...

hey there
i've just read your entire blog i think its witty, hi-larious and seriously good
i'm so glad to have finally found someone on blogspot who isn't a 40 year old cat obsessive or painfully pretentious aspiring writer
at the moment i'm trying and pretty much failing epically to create a vaguely popular film blog of my own.
In it im attempting to give a teenagers point of view on various genres and directors, such as tarantino, scorsese etc
right now i have an astonishing 6 followers(including myself)
and as i will definetly be recommending this blog to all of my friends and what little following i have i was wondering if you could perhaps read part of my blog and do the same if your feeling extra generous
thankyou so much

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